Monday, September 8, 2008

Workin out….Old Skool…..

Saturday was supposed to be my grandson’s 2nd birthday party. And since I’d rather hang out with him and eat cake than ride my mountain bike, I passed on the Big Basin ride with the gang…..
Turns out, the little guy had some sort of a virus and a fever so not only did I not get to see him, but there was no birthday cake in my immediate future AND I had bailed on a really fun ride….
So, in an effort to avoid the crankiness that usually comes with sitting idly on a weekend, I launched myself into some projects.

First, I finished and painted the trellis I started a few months ago. Then I wired up and installed the lights for said trellis. It looks really good if I do say so myself.

Then, with a big chunk of the day still in front of me, I decided to split some firewood that I had piled on the side of my driveway back in the Spring.
Now, other than riding and running and an occasional game of basketball, I don’t really work out anymore. I mean, at least not in the traditional weight-lifting sense….
Even though, I still tend to think I’m in fairly good shape and figured I’d have no issues splitting about a half cord of wood…….yeah, I was wrong…!

Between the lifting of the rounds, the swinging of the sledge for the maul, and then the ax for the smaller chunks, loading it in the wheelbarrow and later stacking it in the backyard…..I was tired. Reeeealllly tired…..The tired that comes from having done something. Which is different than the tired that you get sitting on the couch watching football as I did yesterday.

The really crazy thing is just how sore I was today when I got out of bed….I’m sore from my shoulders to my waist with the majority being in the trunk area. My sides, abs and back feel like I just did about a gazillion situps. My shoulders are sore and tight and my forearms are tired to the point that I have no strength in my grip…..

Which got me to thinking….I can remember my grandfather having a grip like a vice, zero body fat and wiry arms that looked like cords of rope under his t-shirt when working in the yard and he never lifted weights or did any “exercise”….he just worked….

Hmmm……..I think I’ll sit on my back patio with a beer this evening and see if there are any lessons I can learn here….now, where did I put that cookie????

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