Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Singlespeeding isn’t really challenging enough…..

As many you know, I’ve really gotten into this single speed thing lately. Many of my friends have asked me what the attraction is and I’ve never really had a good answer…So, last night I sat down and really tried to figure out what it is that attracts me to this.
The first reason is the simplicity. You pedal, it goes… shifting, no muss, no fuss. Another reason is the challenge. I tend to have a huge ego and love to strut around with my chest puffed out like a male turkey exclaiming how awesome I am since I ride a single speed.
Lastly, chicks dig it. It seems like just about every ride I do, I’m surrounded by women that want to talk to me about how cool I am since I’m riding a single speed…..

The problem is though, lately, it doesn’t seem to be enough…..Sure I’m at the very peak of physical perfection, I have an adonis-like physique and quads like tree trunks, my bike is a work of art deserving a spot in the Louvre, my guy friends are all insanely jealous and don’t want to ride with me because I just destroy them…..but I still have this empty space in my heart….I just know there’s something more…some challenge I haven’t conquered…..

So, I’ve built up a new bike….one that is even cooler than anything I own….One that will finally offer the fulfillment I seek…..One that I can ride in the upcoming Death Ride and know that I am truly the supreme ruler of the cycling world……

And here it is…..

I’ve decided that freewheeling on the SS allows me too much time to rest and recover so this is a fixed gear. More Challenging.
I’ve also decided that with only one wheel, my chance of getting a flat is cut in half and with no gears, I’ll be able to do all my own maintenance and repairs.
Plus, by doing the Death Ride on this thing, I’ll be able to claim ultimate superiority over all my two wheeled friends and laugh in their faces as I strut around the parking lot….

So, today, April 1st, I plan on riding up and down Mt Diablo at least 5 times consecutively to prove just how awesome I am....

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