Thursday, May 7, 2009

We’re increasing tension….but not everyone….

The other night I went to spin class with Jim, Lynn and Jack at their gym in San Ramon…..(verrrry nice gym btw).

I knew I was in trouble when I realized that just about everyone in the room was thin and fit looking and that 90% of them had their own cycling shoes. My concern (ok, fear) increased when the instructor came in and explained that tonight’s class was going to be “fairly advanced”.

Sure enough, he was as good as his word, my heart rate went through the roof right off the bat and pretty much stayed up the entire 50 minutes of the class….

The funny thing was how he subtly used psychology to make us work harder…..even funnier is how I fell for it so easily….I really thought I was smarter than that…..

It started off with him making the comment about how the class was going to be fairly advanced and if we weren’t up to it, then to take it easier…..yeah, cuz my overworked male ego and insecurities are going to let me admit I’m not up to it and not go all out.

Next, every time he said to increase the tension on the bikes, he said…”ok, increase tension….but not everyone”

Again, did he really think there was any chance at all that I wouldn’t let my ego continue to make decisions my body probably couldn’t support? Of course I increased the tension when he said to…did he really think I wouldn’t?

Then at the end he even warned us that we were going to be increasing tension and wouldn’t be taking it off…..he also threw in the comment that if were tired to not feel compelled to increase the tension every time…..
So, I of course tried to keep up and kept wrenching on the tension knob when he said to… I must be some sort of idiot

Needless to say, by the end of the class I was pretty well whupped… I emptied an entire water bottle and sweat more than I’ve ever sweat in my life...for a minute or two I was afraid I might be revisiting my lunch in a spectacularly embarrasing fashion....thankfully he ended about that point...….

What fun....can't wait to do it again....

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