Thursday, August 6, 2009

One battle has ended....but the war continues

Last night Susan Nelson, the wife of FatCyclist Elden Nelson passed away after a long battle with cancer.
Elden is is an amazing blogger and even more importantly has used their family's battle with cancer to become a very outspoken champion in the battle against this disease.

His wit, openness and honesty in dealing with this issue on a very personal level has enabled him to raise awareness among his readers to an unprecedented level.
This year, they formed Team FatCyclist for the Livestrong Challenges across the country with the goal of raising $500,000.00 and, rallying behind the cry of Fighting for Susan, they've acheived and surpassed that goal.

It's amazing to me how involved people can get with someone they've never even met. But that is Elden's gift. Through his blogging, he has been able to allow readers to share in Susan's battle, see her strength and courage and share in their families victories and now their loss.

If you've ever wanted to do something to help in fighting this disease, this is your chance. Take a few minutes, click HERE to log on to the Team Fat Cyclist page of the Livestrong Challenge and donate in her honor....her battle is over, but the war against cancer rages on....

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