Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It’s time to panic….

So, last night after a great road bike ride, my buddy Jerry mentioned we had less than 30 days before the California Coast Classic...and so begins the panic.

I’m already wondering what I’ve gotten myself in for...8 days and 525 miles seemed like a piece of cake last year when I agreed to do the ride. Of course I was riding between 100-150 miles per week back then.

This year I'm riding quite a bit, but I’ve been riding my mt. bike more than my road bike so the majority of my rides are only about 20 miles long...I did a 75 mile ride on the road bike a few weeks back and was pretty beat afterwards.

So, the question becomes, is it possible to go from general basic fitness to 8 days and 525 miles with only 3 weeks left to train????

Last night we probably did 20 miles at a pretty fast pace and I felt great...of course on the Coast Classic, there are 2 days over 80 miles the first day being the longest of the trip at 85!!!!

Can I do 85 miles on day one and not be totally trashed for the rest of the ride???? I guess we’ll find out...

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