Monday, February 1, 2010

Mid-week ski days….part Deux!

It’s been storming for pretty much the past two weeks. I’m pretty sure it rained every day the week before last and off an on for the early part of last week as well.
When I looked at the weather for Thursday and they showed a break in the weather, I knew what I had to do...I emailed my friends and tried to con them all into calling in sick to go skiing.

Well, as it turns out Jim and Lynn loved the idea and so did Chris. So, early Thursday morning, we met up and after a quick stop at Peet’s for some rocket fuel, got on the road to Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl is nice because it’s a straight shot up Hwy 80 and because you don’t have to actually go over the summit into the Tahoe Basin. (this makes getting in and out much easier)

As the sun came up and the fog burned off, it became apparent what geniuses we were for picking this day to play hooky and go was absolutely GORGEOUS with blue skies, very little wind, cold temps and lots and lots of fluffy white goodness...

And, seeing as it was the middle of the week, there weren’t very many people at the resort. Granted a lot more than we had at Kirkwood the week prior, but still by weekend standards, it was pretty empty.

Sugar Bowl has a great mid week deal right now. If you buy a full priced lift ticket, you get the rental gear and a lesson for no additional cost. If you own your own equipment and don’t want a lesson, this isn’t that great a deal, but for Jim and Chris, who wanted a lesson, this is a bargain.

The day continued to warm up and I'm pretty sure that by the time we broke for lunch we had skied pretty much everything open at least once.
Lunch was just a continuation of the great day. We had fresh pizza from the lodge and a nice bottle of wine that Chris had brought with him.

All in all we had a great day and took so many runs that when we finally called it quits, my legs felt like jello...

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