Monday, March 8, 2010

Napa Valley Escape….

I know it's been a while since I posted at work has been pretty insane with 50-60 hour weeks being the norm lately.

So, this past week, both Deb and I were pretty thrashed and when she suggested we ditch the kids and sneak out of town for the weekend I was all for it.

We decided on Napa and as soon as we’d gotten home and packed we headed out. (right into the 5o’clock traffic...) Soon enough though we were pulling in to a B&B that I had found on the web. It was a nice Victorian home with two additional units in the back. Unfortunately, when you pick something from the web, they don’t show you that it’s right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and across the street from a Safeway.

The place inside was very nice though and had one of those huge beds with the feather pad that you pretty much fall into and never want to come out from.

Saturday, after a pretty amazing breakfast, we wandered around the downtown area, which is very nice. We had lunch at the Napa General Store and then found a cool little bakery that makes the most amazing dessert snack I've ever had. It's called a whoopi and it's two giant cookies (oatmeal in this case) with a big glob of some whipped cream frosting in between.....unbelievable!!

Sunday, we headed up to Yountville to pre-ride a portion of the upcoming Tour de Cure route.

The weather cooperated perfectly with clear sunny skies, and a slight breeze. We started out cool, but quickly warmed up with the pedaling. Heading out of Yountville we were on Yount Mill Rd which is a very pretty and lightly travelled road that loops around and connects with Hwy 29.

Hwy 29 is a very busy road on a Sunday afternoon so we took the first turn and ended up heading east on Oakville Cross rd. This lightly travelled road crosses the valley with wineries on both sides.

It’s a very pretty road, though pretty much dead straight so it’s not as nice as Yount Mill. Plus, because it’s so straight, every car that went by was going at least 70...

Just before we got to the Silverado Trail we came to a hill. This is the first hill we’ve done on the tandem and when I asked Deb if we should go forward or turn around, she pretty much told me to shut up and pedal...(though not in those words of course)

Cresting the top of the hill we were both breathing pretty good and when we got to the intersection with the Silverado Trail we decided to take a break.

The Silverado Trail is another highly travelled road and cars continued to wiz by...seems Deb wasn’t as fazed by it as I thought she might be and we continued to make good time.

Eventually, we came to another of the “cross” roads that bisect the valley and headed back over towards Yountville. Again, we were surrounded by vineyards and amazing homes. Would be lovely to live out here....I guess I just need to win the lottery.

Arriving back in Yountville, we loaded the bike in the truck and went out in search of lunch. We ate at a cool little place, sitting outside in the sun. Afterwards we went to Bouchon bakery and picked out something sure to replace all the calories we had burned (and then some!)

After some discussion, and no small amount of whining on my part, we decided there was no way we could just disappear from our kids and our real lives and live up in the wine country. So, after dealing with all the traffic coming back into the east bay, we arrived home to cloudy grey skies and cold wind....immediately, I wanted to head back.

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