Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joaquin Miller….How Do I Not Know You?

This past Sunday, in preparation for our upcoming DATMBA, Tracy, Jerry and I decided to pre-ride a portion of this year’s route. Now, normally, this isn’t really in keeping with the spirit of the ride since the goal is to go somewhere new and explore….
This year though, we decided it would be better to have an actual route planned and having previously ridden one part of the route, the portion in Redwood Regional Park, we decided to map out the Joaquin Miller portion of the route. This would allow us to 1 – make sure it fit with everyone’s comfort level and 2 – ensure we could come up with enough miles that everyone went home exhausted.

After having ridden the section in Joaquin Miller I was amazed that I had never been here before. We rode only the tiniest sliver of the park and it was awesome. The scenery is gorgeous as you ride in the shade of giant redwoods often popping out onto an overlook with the entire bay and San Francisco spread before you. The trails, a mix of fireroad and swoopy singletrack were in great condition and although it was fairly busy on the trail, every interaction we had was really pleasant. Both hikers and cyclists….

Seeing as we hadn’t started our ride until almost 3:00 we were running up against the threat of darkness and didn’t really have time to explore much, but I can’t wait to get back with a full camelback, some snacks and most of a day and see what this place has to offer….

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