Friday, January 21, 2011

A Real Ride….

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, once again, life gets busy….

The week before last, as my grandson and I were taking a walk, he said, “I want to go for a bike ride tomorrow grandpa” I of course, willing to ride at the drop of a hat with just about anyone, said ok….lets plan it for after work.

He immediately responded with "no….I don’t want to do a round the block ride…I want to do a REAL bike ride”. After talking to him a bit I realized that in his mind, unless we got our stuff together, loaded everything in the truck and drove somewhere, it wasn’t a “real bike ride”.

So, having determined that he wanted a “real bike ride” I left work early on Wednesday, went home had him fill our water bottles, loaded everything in the truck, stopped at the store for gummy sharks so we could have energy snacks, and headed over to Lake Elizabeth to do a “real bike ride”.

The loop around the lake is 1.5 miles, which I figured would be a perfect distance for his little 12” wheels and wouldn’t wear him out too much. I also figured we’d probably stop at one of the playgrounds for a bit to burn off some energy….

Turns out I underestimated the number of stops by about 10…..we stopped at almost every bench to have an “energy snack” (gummy sharks) we stopped once to throw rocks into the lake, once to look at the ducks, once to try and peek through the construction fence, twice to play at different playgrounds, once to walk out onto the boat dock, once just to stop and rest and several times just to try and skid our brakes…..

All in all, the lap took us about 2 hours and on the way home, although he “really wasn’t very tired grandpa” he closed his eye to rest them for a minute (actually about 15 minutes but who’s counting)

What a great way to spend the afternoon!


Michelle R said...

Awesome! What a great kid he is!

OldNSlo said...

no doubt...he's an awesome little guy!