Saturday, May 26, 2012

The reward of suffering is experience - Harry S Truman
Two days from today, we'll begin our SF to Tahoe bike ride. The route has been finalized, the bike is ready, the lodging is reserved...I'm pretty much all set with the exception of maybe my fitness. I've actually been riding pretty regularly, I just haven't been getting any really long rides in.
Last weekend I had planned on getting in a good long ride, had a 70 mile route planned out with some good climbing, but the schedule filled up and I had to settle for a 3 hour, 40 mile ride with about 4K of climbing.

This week, I've been busy getting work and chores done and spending time with the family in preparation of being gone all next week so in Monday, we'll start out with my single longest ride of the year being about 60 miles.

60 miles is actually a pretty good ride and normally I wouldn't be too worried about my level of fitness. Having done 60 and feeling good, I'm pretty sure I could bang out a century and survive. I'd probably even feel ok at the end. My concern though is that this coming week starts out with back to back 90+ mile days and both with 6K + in climbing.....pretty comfortable handling either one of those days, but BOTH of them back to back????
Day 3 from Davis to Folsom should be a good rest day. Its only 43 miles and less than 800ft of climbing....after that though, we head up into the sierras for days 4 and 5. The distances will be manageable, 54 and 53 miles but the climbing will be significant.

Once we actually arrive in Tahoe, we're still not done since Saturday, we plan on riding around the lake. Its 74 miles but only about 1400ft of climbing so assuming I can still actually sit on the saddle, it should be a perfect ending to an amazing adventure....yes, there will be suffering, but I'm pretty sure as Harry S Truman stated, the rewards and the experience will definitely be worth it!

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