Thursday, May 1, 2008

Glass SUCKS….

Well, last night was the final training ride for our Tour de Cure Team. We had planned 20 miles with a couple of decent climbs thrown in figuring that if we didn’t have time to log a bunch of miles, that the climbing would help with overall fitness.
We headed out for the Dublin grade figuring we’d hit Foothill and head south a ways before turning and coming back.
At the top of the grade Jerry had stopped to adjust Mark’s seat height and when I turned around to go back to see what the deal was….I flatted. The group went on ahead and Jerry and I started to change the tire. A nice little shard of glass was found to be the culprit.
All changed and off again. We raced to the bottom and Jerry won. Of course he didn’t even know we were racing so that made it worse. I’m blaming it on the fact that he uses gears.
We got to the bottom to find everyone else on the side of the road. Mark had 2 flats from those lovely goathead thorns and no tubes.
Roy and I decided to ride over to Livermore cyclery in Dublin and get some tubes. I flatted once more on the way (more glass) and we got there as they were locking the doors. Luckily they were nice and opened the doors so we could get our tubes.
Of course the overpass between old Dublin Cyn and the bike shop was NOT FUN at 5:00 in the afternoon. People were merging on and off the freeway and I’ve found that people in cars at rush hour are just not very friendly towards bicyclists.
Anyway, we got back, Mark learned to change a tube (twice) and in the meantime Greg had ridden back to get his truck, so he came back and gave Diane and Mark a ride back to the start. Roy, Jerry and I had a nice ride back. Of course it was uphill and into the wind which always adds to the fun.
Sunday we’ll do the flat 50 miler up in Napa. I know not everyone has made it to the training rides, but supposedly they’ve all been riding…..I guess Sunday we’ll find out. As they say, the proof is in the pudding…..

One last note.....1 beer Greg???? You brought 1 beer?????

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