Friday, May 2, 2008

If I were a betting man….

I’d wager on a couple of things this coming Sunday…

I’d wager that there will be people on the Tour de Cure ride that will get to the starting line and realize they forgot something. It won’t be me, because I never forget anything on my bike rides. Except maybe the time I showed up for a ride with Jerry, got changed put my shoes on, pulled my bike out of the back of the truck and thought, "oh crap, where’s my front wheel"
Or maybe the time I pulled up to Lake Chabot, pulled my geared bike out of the truck only to realize I had moved my pedals over to the single speed I was building. (luckily Roy lives around the corner and also uses shimano pedals)
Or maybe even the time I pulled up for a road ride and realized I had the mt bike shoes in the truck. (I’ve switched to SPD on all my bikes now)

- I’d wager there will be people that even before we hit the half way mark will wish they hadn’t skipped all those training rides I put on. Some will make it further before they wish that, but I’m sure the whining will start before the halfway mark.
- I’d wager that craigslist on Monday following will have quite a few bikes for sale.
- I’d wager that the local bike shops this week were pretty busy cleaning, adjusting and lubing all the bikes that haven’t been ridden since this time last year
- I’d wager that many of the bikes they cleaned and lubed and adjusted will be back there at the same time next year with exactly 50 more miles on them than they have right now
- I’d wager that by mile 49 many people will be wishing they had heard about chamois butter, electrolytes and GU
- I’d wager that I’ll have a lot more fun than some of my counterparts and that their suffering and misery will be fodder for office jokes and discussion for weeks after this....

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