Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why fishing is better than biking…

This past weekend my buddies and I went on our annual boy's fishing weekend. This is the 20th annual and as I sat on the shore of the lake Sunday morning drinking my coffee and clearing the cobwebs from the night before, it dawned on me that this is way better than biking.

- Although they both involve being outside and biking can be done in the mountains, fishing in the mountains is relaxing and biking in the mountains is ….well anything BUT relaxing
- Fishing can be done with beer in hand – biking involves a plastic bottle of lukewarm water or some other slightly citrus-y, foul tasting beverage
- After a long day fishing in the mountains you can still function normally and can even stay up late playing darts and stupid drinking games. After a long day biking in the mountains, you feel close to death and struggle to put together coherent sentences
- You’re not worried about how your dinner, drinking or cigars are going to affect your fishing performance the next day
- You wear normal clothes when fishing
- You wear normal shoes when fishing

Ok, so the downside is that if you fish more than you ride, your normal clothes won’t fit, your doctor bill will be higher, your life expectancy will be lower and the cost of blood pressure and cholesterol meds will drive you to bankruptcy…..but other than that fishing is way better

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