Friday, January 9, 2009

New riders, new loops, new pain…..

Thursday nights we ride Lake Chabot. It’s usually a 13 mile loop that I know I can do on the single speed without suffering too badly. Well, last night was a little different.
We have a couple of new guys that have joined the group and unfortunately, they’re strong riders. And they had a new loop for us to try that added miles and climbing.

Now, I fully realize that it’s good to ride with people that are stronger than you are as it forces you to perform at a higher level……but to be honest, it kinda sucks! I don’t like being the guy being waited on and I don’t like pulling up to the top of a hill totally redlined, trying to put my lungs back down into my chest cavity and see them sitting there relaxed and waiting patiently.

And this whole being polite thing….what’s up with that? It’s like when you go for a ride with new riders and you have to be encouraging and supportive when what you really want is for them to suck it up and get their butt in gear.…..
I hate pulling up and having them ask how I’m doing and being all supportive and polite….…..all of a sudden I feel like the kid that rode the special bus to school being helped into class…..(ed. note – if you’re reading this and you were that kid….uh…sorry… no offense intended)

Eventually we made it back to the truck where I’m pretty sure I heard someone say “wow, that kicked my a$$”…..Rumor has it that it may have come from my general direction but since it was dark and no-one can prove it, I’m denying that.
I’m pretty sure it came from behind me…..oh wait, I don’t think there was anyone slow enough to actually be behind me…..So, I guess there’s a slim possibility that I may have accidentally and unknowingly uttered something that sorta kinda sounded like whining…..but unless someone can show me proof, I’m still denying it.

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