Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, here we are…it’s riding season again….

The Solvang Century is next weekend and once again I’m not at all ready. Every year I tell myself “this winter will be different, I’ll ride more, I’ll go to the gym more, I’ll stay in shape through the winter and Spring won’t be quite so painful….."

Of course this year, it was a little different. I haven’t been getting the miles that I had hoped, but I’ve been riding the SS mt bike pretty consistently and that’s a really good workout.
On top of that I’ve been sick as a dog for the last week and half so my weight is down….

Don't think I've seen 185 for the last 10 years....

This weekend should be interesting I haven’t ridden more than 60 miles this year and haven’t been on the bike in about 2 weeks. I’ll make a lame effort to get out a couple times this week, but it will be more about trying to get my wind back after being sick than it will about wracking up miles.

I guess the easiest way to get through a century is to just break it down by rest stops. Ok, just left the start, only need 20 something miles to the first rest stop….ok, back on the bike, another 25 and we’re half way done…..ok, finished lunch, we’re almost thee fourths of the way finished…….it’s all about mind games and convincing yourself you can get to the next milestone. That and lots of Advil of course…

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