Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, that went better than I thought…..

I’ve been wanting to get back on the bike since I’ve been sick. (ok, that’s a lie, I’d rather sit on the couch and eat double sutff Oreos) so last night my buddy Jerry and I did the zoo loop.

I’ve been off the bike since the Saturday we did Diablo which is about 2 ½ weeks ago now and really needed to get a ride in to prepare for Solvang this weekend. The zoo loop is a 26 mile loop from Castro Valley out to the Oakland hills, through the Knowland Park Zoo (hence the name zoo loop) and back. The loop is a perfect after work ride (esp now that we're in daylight savings) with about 2700ft of climbing.
It’s actually a really pretty ride down through the redwoods and then coming out up on top of Skyline Bl. Last night was cool and clear and the views from the top were amazing. (of course I forgot my camera)

The great thing was that I actually felt good the entire ride. I did the whole thing in the middle ring and although our pace was pretty relaxed and we were chatting the whole time, I was happy that I felt as good as I did.

So, I guess this means that for this weekend’s century, I know for sure I can make it at least as far as the first rest stop before I break down and die…..

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