Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy doing nothing…

I haven’t been posting much lately. It seems like life has been really busy lately and yet, when I sit down and look back at the past couple of months, it doesn’t seem like I’ve really done anything.

You always hear people talking about how life goes by faster the older you get and I guess that’s true. I can remember summer breaks in grade school and jr high where, by mid-august, we were actually bored. Hard to fathom right? 3 months with no school, our chores our only responsibility, nothing to do...boy wouldn’t that be nice now?

As I was riding up Diablo last night, I was contemplating just how busy life is and how filled my days are with regular stuff...
Obviously there’s the work thing which takes up 8-10 hours every day depending on your schedule. Then, Tuesday and Thursday evenings I ride the bike. That leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for family, spouse time, chores around the house and all the regular stuff we have to do like laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc.

Every other Saturday I try to get a long ride in. (Hopefully this will be enough distance training to get me in decent shape for the Coast Classic) and then on alternating Saturday’s we try to spend the day doing something as a family or getting projects done around the house. (no, the new lawn isn’t done in the backyard so don’t ask)
Sunday's are church and usually lunch then puttering in the yard....

I wonder sometimes if this is what life is supposed to be like. We work hard to get ahead and be able to buy a house and all the toys and stuff, then have to work even harder to maintain and keep the house and toys and stuff….(as you can see, spending 2 hours pedaling up Mt Diablo on the hottest day of the year probably gave me too much time to contemplate these types of things)

I also wonder if our parents were this busy. I don’t remember life being this busy when I was young, but that could just be that I was looking at it from a kids perspective where my only responsibility was making sure my chores were done so I could go play.

So, where does this go from here? Obviously if I quit my job, I’ll have a lot more time to enjoy my bikes and work in my yard. Of course then I’ll have no money so I’ll end up selling my bikes and the bank will take over my yard so that’s not really an option. (at least they would actually finish the back lawn)

Maybe though this is the way it’s supposed to be and things aren’t that out of whack after all…
I usually get to spend an evening every week with my wife, I do see the kids and the grandkid pretty regularly, I am getting in a decent amount of riding, my yards aren’t in that bad of shape and the house isn’t falling down around us….

So, I guess it’s possible that this is what life is like and it’s even more possible that our parent’s were just as busy….I think though, that it’s good to think these types of thoughts and have these types of discussions with ourselves just to make sure we don’t let things get out of whack….(don't have discussions with yourself out loud though, people look at you funny if you do that)

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