Thursday, July 9, 2009

The lake is so much fun, we should do it twice….

Last night was our regular Thursday loop around Lake Chabot. It’s always one of the highlights of my week since it’s such a good workout and a chance to hangout with some friends at the after ride bbq...

It’s so much fun, that last week I thought I might try to do the loop twice...and actually conned Jack into trying it with me...

The first lap we decided we’d go out pretty hard and really get a workout. That way we could take it easy on the regular loop and not be totally least that was the plan...

Turns out we did go pretty hard the first lap. I was pretty much winded the entire loop and felt like I was working pretty hard. We ended up finishing in just under 1½ hours.
The second loop, wasn’t actually that bad. A couple of the climbs really worked me and all the way up the last road section to the truck I was on the verge of cramping. But we took it easy and had a fun ride…..the interesting thing… took just over 1½ hours.

So, evidently whether I’m hammering or cruising, the lake loop takes me about 1½ hours…Of course on the last climb of the last loop we had the additional motivation of beer waiting for us at the top so that may have skewed the numbers
Total ride 26 miles 3400ft of climbing

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