Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On hiring professionals….

As you, my widespread and many numbered readers know, (okay 12 at last count) I was on vacation last week riding my bike from San Francisco to Santa Monica on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation.

During my absence, and knowing that most of you would go into severe withdrawals without me here to keep you company via the world-wide interweb, I made arrangements with a professionally trained and expensively schooled writer to fill in for me.

I assumed that although not as witty (but much smarter) than I am, this person who will remain nameless, would at least fill up the space on my blog with words that you could cling to as a substitute. Sort of a Methadone treatment if you will...

Well, it turns out that there are some things you need to work out when hiring a professional writer, things such as timelines, prior commitments, deadlines and fees.

Evidently, as I found out too late, if there are no fees involved, then said professionals take that to mean there really is no commitment on their part to fulfill an obligation. In addition, if you’re not actually paying them anything, then any lame excuse such as a full time job, a husband, a sick kid and a previously planned vacation are all good reasons to blow off your project...who would have known...

Anyway, this evening I’ll begin to try to put into words the most amazing bike ride I’ve ever done and have something for all my readers (both of you) posted tomorrow.
Meanwhile, enjoy the first storm of the year and hopefully this is the beginning of an epic ski season...

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