Thursday, October 1, 2009

Once again, I’ve procrastinated myself into a corner...

So, the California Coast Classic starts this Saturday. Tracy and Tammy are picking Deb and I up at 5:30 to head over to the City for breakfast then the start…..(gotta love wives that are willing to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to see their men off to battle)

I’ve known this day was coming since Jerry conned me into it, I mean since I signed up almost a year ago. And physically, I think I’m ready. Unlike some of my other ride commitments this past year, I actually trained for this one. What I really haven’t done though, is plan what I’m bringing, how I’m packing or any of the important logistical stuff (like nearest source of beer each night)

Basically, as the weeks have gone on, I’ve come across stuff that I think I should bring and tossed it in a pile. The problem is, the pile is rather large and I’m only allowed to bring 50lbs plus my tent and sleeping bag. Granted, I haven’t weighed, or tried to calculate the weight of my gathered treasures, but I’m pretty sure a pile of junk that covers part of the garage, the entire workbench and one corner of my bedroom weighs more than 50 lbs...(in my defense, I’ve never done an 8 day bike ride before so I have no idea what is critical and what isn’t)

So, tonight, instead of doing my weekly mt bike ride with the group, and the only night I have available to me this week, (and yes, just one day before we leave) I have to figure out what I’m bringing and what gets left behind. Usually, when going on extended fishing, motorcycle or backpacking trips, this is at the very least a several day process.

I start with the list, writing down everything I can think of, I then gather everything I’ve listed (and lots of stuff not on the list) into a pile, revise it at least 15 times a day for a couple of days, whittle it down again and finally make the final cuts. (just so you know, this process has been perfected to ensure I forget at least half of the stuff I need and bring twice as much of the stuff I never use)

So, tonight (and possibly part way into tomorrow morning) I’ll be out in the garage with my list, shoving, pushing, cramming, and packing my stuff so that I fit everything I need into 2 duffle bags not weighing more than 50 lbs plus my tent, sleeping pad and bag. If you hear constant swearing and yelling coming from my neighborhood, don’t worry. It’s just me getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime…(I’ll also be mapping out the local walmarts along the route since I know there will be stuff I eliminated that it turns out I desperately need)

I’ve asked my daughters to fill in for me next week on the blogging so stand by to see how it looks when kolidge edumacated peeplz rite...

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Michelle R said...

Ride safe and have a blast!