Monday, August 4, 2008

A different kind of ride….

This coming weekend we’ll be going on the annual 4 day ride. In years past we’ve gone up the coast, through the sierras, into Oregon or down and around the central valley….This year, we’ll be heading down the coast.
Oh yeah, and lest you think I’m super-human, I should probably explain that this is on motorcycles.

Every year for the past several years now, a bunch of friends and I have taken 4 days and explored this amazing state we live in. We’ve dabbled in adjoining states, but the majority of the miles have all been within the boundaries of California.
It’s amazing to me the diversity we have here in CA. On one ride the year before last we left the northern coast at 9:00am in fog and drizzle and two hours later were coming down out of the Trinity mountains into 100 degree weather.

A year or so before that we were at the base of Mt Whitney in the morning, the highest peak in the contiguous United States which is only 75 miles from the lowest point in the US…..crazy

This year, we’ll be heading south. The funny part is we’ll be riding on motorcycles some of my favorite bicycle roads. Skyline Bl is just gorgeous in San Mateo County. Pescadero Creek Rd is one of my all time favorites, and Hwy 1 is just a beautiful ride no matter what you’re on.

So, for 4 days, I’ll be off the bicycle and on the motorcycle. Going faster will require no more effort than turning the right wrist a little further. Going uphill no longer requires strong lungs and legs…..catching up to someone ahead of you pretty much only requires thinking about it. It should definitely be fun.

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