Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just one more and then I’m done……

I’m pretty sure I’ve told myself that while justifying the purchase of every bike other than my first. And it makes perfect sense too….
When I got back into riding and bought my first “real” bike, a mtn. bike, I wanted to do something that would give me a workout without really being exercise.
I remember riding my bmx bike as a kid and having a blast. A mt. bike is just a bmx bike for grownups right? So it should be just as much fun…..and it is.
It can go anywhere and do anything. It's the one bike for all seasons....the perfect bike. Sure it was kind of expensive, but I'll never need another one and this one should last me forever!

But then, after having been riding for a while, I met a friend that rode road bikes. So, after borrowing one and going with him, I enjoyed that too so I had to have a road bike.
Well, I already have one bike why would I need two? It’s a little excessive isn’t it?

Well, no. Riding a mtn. bike on road rides just doesn’t work. Even after putting slicks on it, the bike wasn’t right. It was heavy and slow. It had full suspension so it bobbed every time I climbed a hill and after all, isn’t it better to be more efficient so I don’t have to work as hard? See how the rationalization begins????
And rationalization works. I was soon down at the bike shop buying what for sure would be my last bike…..I would have everything I would ever need, the planets would line up, the weather would be perfect from now till eternity and there would be world peace…..I was in total bliss.

Now, when my friends called to go for a ride, I had my mtn. bike and my road bike. I was armed and ready for whatever came at me and there was no reason to ever go to a bike shop again…except maybe for tubes and tires…..

And then I saw a single speed…… Wow, that looks fun…..going back to my roots... no shocks, no gears, lightweight and the perfect tool for our weekly lake Chabot rides….and so it started again.
Only this time, instead of buying a fully built, off the shelf bike, I was going to build one. I should be able to save some money while at the same time, building a bike that was just for me. I would never see one just like it on the trail. So, I bought a frame, then some wheels, seatpost, seat, stem, bars, grips, crank, pedals, chain, etc,etc,etc……
Did I say I could save money building it myself? I’m pretty sure it cost me about 2X what it would be to just buy a similar bike off the floor at the shop…of course since it’s totally custom, there isn’t one like it anywhere on the floor of any shop……

Well, this is it then. I now have my road bike, my single speed mtn. bike and can use my full suspension mtn. bike as a loaner in case any of my friends want to try riding…..
Now, I’m done. Won’t need anything else, got everything I need, never to be tempted again…..

And then I realized….if I’m having so much fun on the SS mtn. bike, I bet a SS/Fixed road bike would be a blast. And besides, it’s a harder workout so I’ll actually be able to get the same workout in less time. Perfect! More time for the family….I need to spend more time with them. This bike is really for the family and not for me….yeah, that’s it! the family!

Again, I built it up for about twice what I could buy it off the floor for and again, it’s different than anyone else’s and there’s no way I could even find one like it if I tried…..

Ok, so now my quiver is finally full…..I can’t even think of another bike that I would need. I have every tool for every job. I’m done. Completely finished and will never need to visit a bike shop again…..except for tubes and tires of course……

(btw – did you see those cool fixie track bikes on Monday at the velodrome????)


Jer K. said...

I am curious about "the" process, so I looked it up in my Funk & Wagnill.
rationalize: to attribute (one's actions) to rational and creditable motives without analysis of true esp. unconscious motives. :to provide plausible but untrue reasons for conduct.
Note 1: In the dictionary, rationalize is next to rat-like.
Note 2: The photo of Mr. OLDNSLO was next to both words.
Note 3: I have room in my garage for the new fixy bike (I'm here to help!)

Anonymous said...

thanks Jer - I think the term for one who assists in the rationalizing is enabler :-)