Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Whole Fam Damily…..

On Sunday, my wife and daughters thought it would be fun to take the bikes out for a family ride…
Since they don’t ride much and we’d have the grandkid in the trailer, we decided we needed something flat, paved, with no car traffic and preferably not a lot of people traffic either. (some of us a still a little wobbly on the bike)

We decided the creek trail would be perfect. And it was, mostly. What I forgot was just how windy it gets out there in the afternoon. What I also didn’t realize was what a production it was going to be getting everyone to the starting point.
6 people, 5 bikes, one Croozer trailer, 5 helmets, and miscellaneous water bottles, shoes, jackets, sunglasses, cameras, snacks and toys for the trailer all had to be taken from the house to the trailhead.
Thankfully, both my youngest daughter and I have trucks. So, fully loaded and with everything bungie corded in, we headed out.

After getting to the trailhead and unloading everything we had just loaded, we started out.
I was immediately reminded just how windy it gets out there… the flag on my grandson’s trailer looked more like an 8 weight fly rod attached to a nice salmon…..

Well, a few miles out, it was obvious this nice, easy, flat ride with the family was turning into more of a workout than planned for some of us so the idea of Slurpees at the nearby 7-eleven came up and was quickly voted best idea of the day.

The good news about a strong headwind is that once you turn around, it becomes a really nice tailwind and we made it back to the trucks in exactly 2.3 seconds. (ok, maybe a little longer than that)
With everything loaded up we made a run for the border….oh wait, that’s someone else’s jingle…..anyway, you get the point, and soon we were enjoying slurpees and headed for home.
Next Sunday, we’ll find someplace a little less windy, bring a lunch and make a day of it….

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