Thursday, July 10, 2008

Point and Shoot.....

I can remember when my daughter got married and about falling out of the chair when talking to friends about what they paid for photography……

Well, recently my oldest daughter and I decided to take a photography class at the local rec. dept. We both enjoy photography and figured this would be a fun thing to do.
Turns out photography is a LOT more than just point and shoot.
I was never a great student and no-one has ever confused me with “the smart kids”, so last night when the teacher started talking about the “inverse square law” the “law of reciprocity” and “equivalent exposure tables” I knew that I might be over my head.
Thankfully, my daughter is taking the class with me and can translate these technical issues down to something I understand like, “turn this knob, or push this button….”
I knew we had her for a reason.
Our homework was actually fun (don't remember that being the case in school)
We played with shutter speed and movement...
The problem with the class is that just like any hobby, the deeper you get into it, the more expensive it becomes.
When I first started biking, my rigid aluminum mt. bike was fine, but the more involved I got, the more I realized I “needed” a full suspension bike for our local trails. Then I “needed” a road bike for the road and to train on off days. Then I “needed” a singlespeed for days I just wanted to putz around…..

With cameras, it’s the same thing. A couple of years ago I bought a pretty nice point and shoot digital camera with 5 megapixels and a 10X zoom lens. Now of course I “need” a digital SLR so that I can adjust the aperture, the ISO and the shutter speed for differing conditions. And of course, 5 megapixels is nothing compared to the newer stuff and if I want to be able to blow up my photos beyond 5x7 I’ll “need” at least 7mp and would be better off with at least 10mp….
And, of course the cool thing about the SLRs is that you can interchange lenses for different types of shots……and, also of course, the lenses are extra for each different type…..maybe I should just stick to point and shoot and be happy with the photos that I can take now.
The problem with that is, like anything else, once you’ve seen the possibilities can you ever really be happy with what you have?????

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