Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DATMBA – Part Duex…..

Once we got to the Tractor trailhead we started climbing….and climbing…and climbing.
I actually ended up walking a fair portion of it and was pretty tuckered out by the time we reached the top.

At this point we had a decision to make….go back the way we had come or ride down Ridge to Sawpit and then back. Well, down Ridge to Sawpit took us further from the truck so I opted for going back down Tractor (did I mention I was tired?)

So, after an e-gel and a couple handfuls of trail mix…off we went. And it was awesome. The first section is fairly steep and muddy and there were some pretty crazy jumps (which we went around). It was fast and swoopy and I was thinking to myself how much like skiing it felt….find your line, get in the groove and let ‘er rip….

It was further down the trail that it really became like skiing…….you know how you always get hurt trying to get in that “one last run”….well as I was grooving down the trail loving life I spotted a log …ok, probably more like a branch (and despite what Tracy says, it was NOT a twig)
I attempted to bunny hop it but evidently my lack of enthusiasm (or energy) allowed my rear wheel to hit it, slide down the length and throw me from the bike in the blink of an eye.

Luckily for me the ground was nice and soft and damp. (although it did taste funny) I landed on my left side and despite knowing I shouldn’t, I put out my hand to break my fall.
Well, as I got up I was pretty sure something was messed up. I couldn’t really extend my left arm and when I moved it I felt something “grinding” in the elbow.
Figuring I’d better just get back on the bike and get to the truck I took it easy and just coasted the rest of the way down Tractor to the fire road and started the climb back to the truck.

At this point I realized that our good buddy Chris is a liar. Yep, bold faced liar. I distinctly remembered him saying that it would all be downhill back to the truck and it was definitely not the case. And I could tell this because every time the trail headed uphill, I’d have to get off and walk. I’d sit and spin as much as I could but when it got steep, I wasn’t able to pull back on the bars at all with my left arm because it would hurt like….well you know.
Adding to that, my left leg kept cramping up. Not sure if I was really that cooked to the point of cramping or if I hit it on something during my dismount, but it was sore.

I felt bad because I know I was holding everyone up every time I’d get off and walk, and I’m usually not such a wuss (ok, that’s debatable) but we eventually made it back to the truck and the ice chest…
Nick had also had a nice little dismount and slammed his shin pretty good....

After taking off the jacket I found it was a little swollen, and was starting to stiffen up, but, after administering 2 Tylenol and 2 beers, I was feeling good. I still let Jack drive home though….

Seeing as it was Friday night, there was no way I was going to emergency. (have you ever seen the Kaiser emergency room on a Friday night?) so Deb called and got me an appt at the minor injury clinic for Saturday afternoon.

Obviously it pays to know people (Deb just spent a month at the Hayward minor injury clinic training all these people) as soon as we walked in everyone started saying hi to Deb, they took me right in and I was in and out within an hour…with a fractured radius and a partial cast.

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