Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wow, 2008 is already over....

Well, I can’t believe another year has come and gone….my eldest daughter the other day was commenting on how fast the year has gone by and said “is this what happens when we get old?”…..Yes, I guess it’s true. It does happen as we get older. I can remember actually being bored by the time summer vacation ended when I was a kid. Now I’d kill to have 3 months off with nothing to do.

It’s been a good year and my family has been truly blessed. My youngest is doing well down at UC Santa Cruz. She’s pulling good grades, is having fun and somehow seems to be keeping it all in balance. Obviously inherited those traits from my wife as I was a total spaz until I was married and had kids. (actually for the most part I still am a total spaz)
My oldest is turning out to be an exceptionally good mom to my grandson. She’s calm and patient and kind. Again, thankfully I married someone further up the genetic food chain as I have none of those qualities.

My wife continues to put up with me and my bicycle, I mean hobby.

As far as riding goes, this year for me was a little different than last. My motivation was a real challenge and I’m sure I have a lot less miles than I did last year. (getting in to my jeans further proves that fact) The interesting thing is I’ve done a lot more mountain bike riding than road riding this year. And it’s been a blast.

Going forward into 2009 though, I’m thinking I’ll be spending more time on the road bike. Mainly out of wanting to survive (and even possibly enjoy) the commitments I’ve somehow gotten myself in to.

Right now, I can handle a pretty moderate mt bike ride, but I definitely need to ramp things up pretty quickly... In March I’ll be doing the Solvang Century. Pretty sure the last time I rode my bike 100 miles was this same ride last year.
April will be the Tierra Bella Metric that we always do on our single speeds. I may even join my buddy Chris this year and do it on the fixed gear….we’ll see.
May will be the Tour de Cure which will be another full century. This is one of my favorite rides as we do it with a group from work, it's a lot of fun and supports the diabetes foundation.
June will be mainly spent climbing every hill I can find in preparation for the Death Ride in July. (I have to finish this year, or I'm selling all my bikes and taking up golf)
August will be a nice easy month :-) gathering up as many miles as I can so that in September when I do the California Coast Classic from SF to LA I won’t suffer. (too much anyway)

The Coast Classic will probably be the end of my organized rides for the year. I think after that I’m going to just want to ride my mt bike and drink beer…..which will lead me right back to where I am today….200+ lbs and trying to breathe while wishing I had bought larger sized pants….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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