Monday, December 8, 2008

Third Time’s A Charm….

Well, after meeting with the orthopedics doctor (physician’s assistant technically) the good news is the arm is NOT broken. The bad news is I still can’t get on the bike for another couple of weeks. She says I just jammed it badly and that after one more week of no lifting and no load bearing exercise, I can start working on range of motion stretches.

Happily after x-raying it again today, with the swelling having gone down, they don’t see anything broken. She did point to one little “thing” (no idea what she was pointing out) she said “you do have this little thing floating around in there and if it becomes an issue we may have to address it at some point in the future”. (ok, that doesn't sound great)

What I don’t understand is why doctors (or physician’s assistants) feel the need to inflict pain needlessly. When she came in to the room she asked me if I had any pain. I explained that it only hurt to extend my arm or to rotate my wrist. At which point she grabbed my arm and tried to extend it!!! SERIOUSLY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Of course, being a man I couldn’t cry (very loudly anyway) so I calmly said, yes, that causes me some discomfort (at least it my head it was calm. What came out may have sounded like a a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs)
After I had calmed down and the sobbing had subsided, she must have decided I was pretty tough and have a high pain tolerance, (or she just likes making men cry) because she decided to rotate my wrist. (again, it may have sounded like a wounded banshee, but I think I pulled off the macho tough guy thing pretty well)

Well, long story short, I’m not quite good to go. No lifting, no weights, and no riding. I did get her to agree that if I was just taking it easy around the block I could get back on the bike in 2 weeks…..(at least that’s how I heard it)

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