Thursday, February 14, 2008

ok, so maybe this isn't as easy as it looks

This is nuts!, I'll stick with water aerobics, I was afraid if I went any further I wouldn't make it back, my whole left side is numb. you guys are a bunch of liars......

We heard these comments and many others as we took our second "team ride" last night.
Last week we did a nice, flat, 10 miles with everyone. My thought was that we'd take it easy and see where everyone was as far as fitness. The following day the comments were, that was easy, I'm not tired at all, this is no big deal....

Well, this week we planned a 12 mile route that involved some hills and the responses were a little different.....

The route is a 6 mile out and back and for the most part, it's uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back. It's a regular training ride for some of us and my best time is 45 minutes. Last night it took us a little longer. An hour and 45 minutes.

We had a couple of new riders join us this week. Both have been exercising regularly(although, I'm not really sure using a beer bong is considered exercise) but haven't been on a bicycle in years. (30 years for one of them) The first made it a mile before she turned back the next turned around at the 1 1/4 mile mark.

The rest of the group made it all the way although they all agreed that the ride out (downhill with a tailwind) was way more fun than the ride in.

All in all, a great night on the bike.... (although, there are still several members of the team that have yet to actually get on the bike)

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