Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Art of Procrastination...

So, I registered to do the Death Ride this year and wasn’t chosen. I still fully intend to do it and hope to buy a ticket off Craigslist prior to the ride.
Now, since its 130 miles and 15,000 ft of climbing it should be pretty tough. You would imagine that knowing just how hard this ride is, and how determined I am to finish, that I’d be spending every available minute training for this. Well, you’re wrong.

I’ve been riding regularly and already have done the Solvang Century, but my rides have been short, not very intense (other than the Tues evening Mt bike ride) and in no way preparing me for the level of fitness needed to do the Death Ride.

The funny part is that last year I was obsessed with riding this and used every opportunity to try to make sure I was in shape and ready. This year, well the motivation just hasn’t been there and I’m not sure why. I used to be completely willing (eager even) to shirk my responsibilities using the “training” as an excuse. Now, it’s the other way around.

It’s not like I don’t want to ride, my problem is I’ve just got too many other things going on right now, all of which turn into perfectly acceptable excuses for not riding.
Last Saturday I was going to go do a nice long ride up through the hills. Instead I spent the entire day building a trellis for my backyard. Granted the trellis needs to be built since the area where it’s going has been unplanted and bare for several months so it’s a legitimate excuse, but still, I never used to have to force myself to ride.

Oh well, this weekend I’ll ride…..or maybe I’ll finish installing the lights in the kitchen…


Anonymous said...

I, of sound mind and body, do bequeath my Death Ride registration to Rich Sims (AKA: the former artist of procrastination or prophylactics or some word begining with 'pro'.
If this offer is rejected by the aforementiond 'pro', he will be subjected to wearing a custom jersey with the editorial message on the back, "I rather be gardening."
(what are friend for?)
Jer K.

OldNSlo said...

dang, now I have no excuses.....guess the kitchen lights will wait till next winter when the rains start again.