Thursday, April 24, 2008

With only 2 weeks left…..

It’s the final stretch and TheOverTheHillGang is scrambling, both for miles and for sponsorships.
The sponsorships, I’m not so worried about…
As long as we each hit the minimum $200.00 we’ll be fine. If we don’t get close to our fund raising goal of $15,000.00 it will be disappointing but I know times are tough and I was reading that charitable donations are way down in every sector. Evidently, it’s easier to be charitable when you’re able to make your house payments and put food on the table.

The miles though are another story….
The Tour de Cure is a fun ride at a relaxed pace. There are rest stops every 12-15 miles and we plan on taking all day. Still…..for some of our riders, this will be their longest ride ever. For others, this will be the longest ride since….well, since last year.
I was talking to someone last night that has put in less miles than they should have up to this point. His comment was “I’m not sure if it’s worth suffering now on a few rides trying to get ready or just plan on suffering for one long day on the day of the event”

That’s actually a good question. If you’re not ready for an event, do you try to cram in some rides for the week and half prior, knowing you’re going to suffer on the training rides only in the hopes that you’ll suffer a little less the day of the event? Or, do you relax and enjoy the last few weeks and just expect to suffer once while doing the event itself?

It seems logical to me that if you’re going to suffer anyway there’s no sense in suffering before hand as well. It’s kind of like if you decide to blow your brains out…do you shoot yourself in the leg first just to see how bad it hurts???

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