Friday, April 11, 2008

I hate politics....

Ok, so this is a rant and I apologize up front, but it’s my blog and I’ll vent if I want to!

I went to a meeting last night of volunteers that are working to get a school bond passed in Hayward. The first one in almost 50 years!
Yes, my kids are out of the school district now, but if you’ve seen the Hayward schools, you know just how desperately they need help.

The bond would add $59.00 per 100K valuation which, in most of Hayward, is probably less than 300.00 per year. Yep, 300.00 per year – that’s about half of what I spend on Starbucks every year and I drink plain coffee. For those of you that drink the mocalatteespressochai drinks it’s even less.

Anyway, the bond is really needed and while almost everyone is on board and in support of the issue there are a few groups that won’t support it. One group is the Hayward Education Association (teachers union) – and why won’t they? Simple politics.
Evidently, the District and the Teachers union are at odds over some issue or issues and because of that the teachers union won’t support the bond. This is just ridiculous!!!

Granted the bond won’t help the teachers make any more money (which they deserve) but it will directly impact their work environment by making it safer and better. It will give them better resources to teach with in the way of wireless and updated classrooms, computer labs and libraries and it will raise awareness in our community of the situations they face trying to teach in substandard classrooms with sub-par equipment and resources.

Now, the teachers won’t be the deciding factor to whether the bond passes or not, that responsibility lies with the community, but fer cryin out loud, we try to pass the first bond dedicated to our schools in almost 50 years and the teachers are going to let politics get in the way????? You gotta be kiddin me!!!!

Anyway, I’m done ranting now…..but I still hate politics.
If you're curious as to what I'm talking about.....

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