Monday, April 28, 2008

Mt Hamilton….on a tricycle!!!!

Several of us planned on riding up Mt Hamilton on Saturday. We do this ride every year and wanted to do it before it got too late in the season and too warm to be enjoyable. We met up at Penitencia Creek park and saw that Peter had a new bike. Well, technically that’s not correct, Peter had a new Tricycle.

It was low and sleek and red and pretty cool looking. And, as we found out during the ride, it’s pretty comfortable and actually quite fast.

Of course these facts did nothing to slow the flow of jokes and teasing. Terms like barcalounger and questions like, “where are the TV and ice chest” flowed pretty much all day.

The ride went well and it was a gorgeous day!

We saw a lot of riders since the Mt Hamilton challenge was going on, and as usual, the coming down was way more fun than the going up.

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