Friday, April 25, 2008

The festivities this weekend…

This is going to be a great weekend for a couple of reasons.
First Saturday a bunch of us are riding up Mt Hamilton. This is probably one of my favorite climbs. It’s a good long climb at 4700ft over 22 miles which is a little more enjoyable than Diablo and provides some amazing views. (and a good workout) The total loop will be 44miles with 5400 ft of climbing but the best part is the 4700 ft of downhill.
Then Saturday afternoon a friend and I are shooting up to Chico to do the 60 mile wildflower (actually they call it the Flatflower) which will be a lot of fun. My sister is coming down from Tahoe for it, my brother will be heading up from Fairfield to do it and my neice is in Chico going to school, so it will be a reunion of sorts.
For Jerry and me, the 60 flat miles should be a piece of cake and I’ll be doing it on the single speed. Although, I’ve never actually done long rides back to back so it may be tougher than I think after doing Mt Hamilton the day before. Jerry, well he’s like the energizer bunny so once he starts pedaling he just keeps pedaling….pretty sure he could power a small mid-west city if needed.
For my sister, she hasn’t been riding much since there’s been so much snow, but then again, she’s a total stud and could probably do the ride then go play 3 sets of tennis before she’d even start to be tired.
My brother…well, this will be interesting. I know he hasn’t been riding much and doesn’t even own a bike for that matter. This is bound to be a long day in the saddle for him, but he’s just got this crazy mental thing where if he sets his mind to something….it gets done.

I remember the first year I hiked half dome with him. May have been his 50th birthday, he shows up in work jeans, engineer’s boots and a sweatshirt and he just went and did it. Never said he was tired, never complained, just started hiking and didn’t quit till he got to the top. I on the other hand whined pretty much the entire way up and most of the way down.

Of course, since we’re going to be in Chico, we’ve decided to have dinner at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.
Afterall, there’s nothing like doing a nice long ride with a screaming hangover! Stay tuned….pics and recap to follow

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