Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The common cold….never really very common

It’s funny that it’s actually called “the common cold” since it seems to hit everyone with different symptoms, different intensity levels and different durations.

Last week Thursday Deb woke up feeling kinda stuffed up and just not ok. Not bad, but definitely off. She went to work (spending the day doing that medical billing, coding, auditing thing that she does that I’ll never understand no matter how many times and how simply she explains it to me) and came home pretty stuffed up with a cough.

Friday she woke up sounding like someone had poured sand down her throat, had a full on cough and felt pretty much like crap. She stayed home. (btw, she also volunteered to sleep in the other room so I wouldn’t get sick – pretty awesome huh?)
I on the other hand still felt fine on Friday, went to work, came home, still felt good and got ready for a nice 45 mile ride on Saturday morning.

Saturday dawned cold and I had a “tickle” in my throat. Nothing more though, so the ride went off without a hitch.

Sunday, Deb still feels crummy, is coughing regularly, sounds like Demi Moore after a sex change and wants nothing more than to curl up on the couch. I now, am coughing a little, still kind of have a scratchy throat, but feel not bad.

Fast forward 3 hours to after church when we’re supposed to go to some friends to watch the Super Bowl. I come home to see Deb is obviously not going anywhere and I’m glad about it. I’m now coughing, feel pretty crappy and my throat hurts. We decide to bail on the party and Deb and I spend most of the day either napping or laying on our respective couches doing absolutely nothing….except coughing. Me occasionally, her….more than occasionally.
Actually turned out to be a nice restful day for both of us.

Monday rolls around and I feel great. One day down and I’m back in the race. Deb though, still feeling less than better, is stuffed up and coughing.

Funny how the same “common cold” is anything but common….

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