Friday, February 20, 2009

The power to do good…..

For those of you that follow either or the Tour of California, you had an opportunity this week to see just what a powerful tool the web and for that matter, television, can be to do good.

So often the internet and television are lambasted as either a waste of time, or even worse a vehicle for corrupting the minds of our society. (and most of the time this is probably justified)Well, this week, those forms of media did an amazing thing.

Susan, the wife of creator Elden Nelson, has been battling breast cancer for several years. This year, in an effort to continue to raise awareness of the battle against cancer, Fatty has decided to join with the Lance Armstrong Foundation in the fight against cancer by taking on the Livestrong challenge. And not only that, but he’s challenged the readers and followers of his blog to join with him under the Team Fat Cyclist banner.
The coolest thing about this is the members of his team are spread over the entire country and most only know Fatty through his blog. So far the team has raised almost 50,000.00!!!

As a sideline to this, Fatty posted a challenge, through his buddy Chuck from Ibis bikes, to Bob Roll the commentator on the Tour of California that if he were to raise 5,000.00 before the end of the Tour, Bob would have to shave his head.
Turns out, Bob is a good sport and agreed and less than 2 days later, the money was raised and Bob was having his head shaved by Johan Bruyneel with Lance Armstrong as the witness!

Again, the amazing thing is Fatty has never met Bob Roll and once again the money was raised using the web to get the word out…..

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