Friday, February 6, 2009

Forgot my ipod….and lived to regret it….

Last night, since the weather guy said there would be rain, I cancelled my mt bike ride and went to the gym instead (turns out he was wrong – big surprise)
As I was getting out of the truck and gathering up my stuff, I realized I forgot my ipod….No biggie I thought, I’ll just have to suffer through the crappy music they play there.

Now, I’m normally a really social person. I have no problem talking to strangers, I tend to be pretty outgoing and I like people…..(most of ‘em anyways)

The only time this isn’t the case is when I’m at the gym. I prefer to get in, do my thing and get out. Afterall, I’m suffering and I don’t want to talk to anyone while I’m doing it.
In order to prevent anyone from wanting to talk to me, I usually put on my ipod and headphones and pretty much ignore everyone. ….actually, it’s probably unnecessary since most people at the gym only socialize with others they know and I’m not there frequently enough for that to be an issue.

Well, last night, figuring the worst part would be the music they play at the gym, I went ahead without my ipod….
Well, of course after work is the busiest time to go and I couldn’t get a treadmill to run on, so I went to the stairmaster.
Interestingly, although the treadmills and the elliptical trainers were all full, there wasn’t anyone on the stairmasters. (maybe that's because they were created by satan himself and everyone but me knows that)

WEll, without any other options, I went to the end one, got on, set it for 20 minutes and started in…I wasn’t on there but a couple of minutes when an older lady got on the one right next to me (why when there is a line of 20 empty stairmasters she felt the need to get on the one right next to me I’ll never know) and it wasn’t but a minute after that, that she started talking to me…..(who does that?)
I tried to be polite, oh hi, yeah, it looks like rain…no, I’m not having a great time, no, I don’t know when the next zoomba class is scheduled…..I tried to act like I was concentrating on my workout but evidently she wasn't catching on.....and pretty soon she’s telling me that her husband just had bypass surgery, and she’s started going to the gym to prevent that, and if he’d walk the dog once in a while it wouldn’t have happened, and blah, blah, blah, blah…..finally I couldn’t take it and said I was done and had to get off the thing and go do something else…..

I mean come on……seriously???? I can barely breathe, I’m sweating like a fat guy in polyester at the disco, I can’t wait for this freakin thing to stop torturing me and she wants to chat????
At least pretend you’re suffering a little fer cryin out loud…..some of us have feelings you know and watching older women do the same exercise and not even break a sweat is really not good for our self esteem…..

So, in an effort to slip back into oblivion, I headed over to the weight area where in addition to the really bad house music they were playing, I was entertained by all the big muscle heads grunting and swearing and yelling at each other….come on man…one more…you got it….crank it out…..followed by the sound of barbells that weighed more than my truck being clanged about like they were toys…..yeah, I hate this place….

Now, If I could just get this damn blue dumbell off my chest, I’d get up and get the heck out of here……I knew I shoulda grabbed one of the pink ones....

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