Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just out exploring....

This afternoon, Jer and I did a nice easy 10 or 12 miles on the road bike. Our goal was to explore what appeared on mapquest to be a really nice loop in that it was close, had little traffic and involved a couple of pretty decent climbs.

It actually started last Saturday when we found a new road (to remain unnamed) which turned out to be a really nice climb and was close enough that one of our riders will probably be turning it into his evening ride once or twice a week.
So, today (while at work of course) I looked it up and according to mapquest, the road we were on which we thought to be a dead end, connected to another road, which connected to another different road we thought to be a dead end.
So, with the street names and a general idea of where we were headed, we took off.

Well it turns out the road we thought was a dead end was actually....a dead end. And, the other road we thought was a dead end was...another dead end.....BUT, as we explored the new roads up on top of the hill, we stopped to talk to one of the security guys (that is supposed to keep us out of where we were) and he explained that eventually (probably a long time distant) the roads probably would actually connect.

Even more interesting was the fact that he pointed out that there were several trails in the area that probably made for an interesting loop on the mountain bikes...

Granted he did say no-one is supposed to be riding there since some drunk teenager crashed his four wheeler while tresspassing and now they're in some gazillion dollar lawsuit....but I'm pretty sure I saw him wink when he said we couldn't go in there and afterall if he didn't want us to try the trail why would he have told us about it....right????

So, although the route we hoped to find doesn't actually exist, we did have a pretty nice ride with about 1000ft of climbing, a beautiful evening and a lead on our next covert moutain bike adventure.
It's good to have a new place to explore since the high falootin golf course people in the Hayward Hills are getting annoyed that we use their golf course as the starting and ending place for our most recent newly explored area....

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