Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away…..

Ok, so I know we desperately need the rain and if I actually had a chance to get up skiing I’d be completely thrilled with all the new snow……but this rain is getting old….

I haven’t been on the bike in over a week, my longest ride so far this year is 60+ miles and oh yeah, I only have 3 weeks until the Solvang Century…..
So, last night it was back to the gym. I’d really like to try one of those spinning classes, but so far it hasn’t worked with my schedule. The fact that my local 24hr fitness only offers it twice a week may have something to do with that…

Last night started with a run on the treadmill, followed by my normal workout followed by about 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer... (aka the make anyone over 40 look like an idiot machine)
I’m sure you’ve all seen the elliptical thing, it’s that weird one in front of the treadmills that’s always populated by young, coordinated people. Its a blend of running on the treadmill and doing the stairmaster ...oh yeah and you have to move your arms like you’re cross country skiing at the same time.

Now, I think those of you that know me, realize right off the challenge this creates. I tend to not be the most coordinated person on the planet. I’m happy when I can walk up stairs while carrying on a conversation. Carrying my coffee, walking and talking all at the same time requires real concentration…

Anyway, I decided to give it a try and for the most part did pretty well. I even got to the point where I could hold on to the moving arm things and had my legs going and my arms going AT THE SAME TIME. This of course was all very good for my self esteem and I decided maybe I could try something other than level 1.
Well, they say pride goeth before the fall and while I never actually fell, my pride did cause me to almost get launched off the stupid thing.

Here I was, having moved up to level 4, and feeling good. My arms were going, my legs were going and I could actually glance up at the televisions mounted on the wall for a couple of seconds at a time. Then, I got cocky and tried to speed up.

I mean the guy next to me was going like a bat outta….well, you know what I mean and I was limping along at the same pace as an old guy in a walker…so speed up I did….only the faster you go, the more coordination that is required and sure enough, my legs and my arms got out of synch and the next thing I know the step is coming up at the same time I’m pushing down and well….I never actually left the machine, but I’m pretty sure I was about 5” above the step when I came back down…

I’m not sure anyone actually noticed what happened…or at least they wouldn’t have if my iPod hadn’t flown out of my pocket, ripped the earbuds from my ears and fallen to the floor…..
Slowly I came to a stop, picked up my iPod, wiped down the machine and headed for the water faucet…..almost as if I had meant for the whole thing to happen….

I am so tired of this rain…..

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