Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love my SOMA

And no, I don’t mean the psychotropic drug they used in Aldous Huxley’s book to escape pain and bad memories….although, that really doesn’t sound that bad either….no, I’m talking about my single speed mountain bike.

I bought the frame as a Christmas present from my wife to myself and it’s a great frame.
It’s fairly light, great looking and rides like a dream.
Plus it’s nice to deal with a company where you get a good product, a fair price and great customer service.

I looked at all the frame offerings from the various vendors and didn’t find anything that really worked for me.
I had several requirements. It had to be steel. It had to be within my budget (which is not large), it had to be cool looking, and it had to be something I wouldn’t see on the trail every time I went out.
So, I put together a spreadsheet with weight, price, options, customer reviews, manufacturers reputation, availability, head angle, seat tube angle, stand over height and finally boiled it all down to which one looked the coolest…..the SOMA won.

They’re not a custom builder, but they are smaller, their prices are really reasonable, they’re local and mine is the only one I’ve ever seen when I’m out riding.
In today’s market where you can purchase everything online and price is harder to be competitive on, customer service plays a huge role. And SOMA didn’t disappoint.

I emailed them and they responded within a couple of hours. They answered my questions quickly and when I finally placed the order, they shipped it right away. It came packed nicely and was delivered quickly.
Once I got it all built up and out on the trails I was as happy as a pig in…well you know what I mean.
So, now that I have my dream bike built up what’s next? Well... they have that really cool Delancey with the chrome lugs and the current 9-2-5 is almost a year old…..


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