Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Conflicted…yeah, that’s it….

So, today is the day we were able to find out if we were chosen (selected, pegged, picked, doomed, sentenced) to participate in the upcoming Death Ride. And I wasn’t….
It’s funny because I was torn as to whether or not I really wanted to be picked for the ride this year.

On the one hand, not finishing last year was a huge blow to my ego and I was going to redeem myself this year by finishing strongly. On the other hand, if I did get picked, it would add a whole different attitude to my training. I wouldn’t be able to just go out for a fun ride, I’d be “training”. Every ride I did between now and then would be part of a program to gear up for the death ride.

So, I’m really not sure how I feel about not being picked this year. I’ll probably start keeping an eye on craigslist for someone selling their ticket, but then again, I might just have a fun year and do the rides I enjoy. I can start signing up for the metrics and not worry about doing the full centuries for the mileage. I can ride my mt bike more and not worry about the fact that I’m not logging huge miles and thousands of feet of climbing.
I can skip the weekly training ride and take the grandson out in the trailer I just ordered for him….
But still, there’s the knowledge that I should have finished and didn’t….it’s a good thing I’m not competitive or that knowledge would eat me alive… I hear chewing?


Michelle said...

I'm reading your blog :) You ordered a trailer for him? What do we owe you?

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that on 3/20/08 you won a Death Ride registration with your "Spare change, spare tube?" trail side request.