Thursday, March 20, 2008

I’m not addicted, I can quit whenever I want…..

Or so I thought…
It’s funny how easily I became hooked, once or twice a week just for the social aspects, then it got to where I had to go by my dealer every morning before work, now I’ve gotten to where I actually find myself heading over there in the middle of the day…..

Its ok, they tell you, one time won’t hurt. Pretty soon they know your name and have your dosage all set up as you walk in the door. It’s all polite and pretty and socially acceptable at first….then you go in for your physical and your doctor tells you there might be a problem and it could be directly related to your habit and your whole world turns upside down.

What is this insidious substance that has come to rule my waking hours…..Starbucks venti drip coffee...

It all started when I went to the doctor a few weeks back for a physical and everything looked good but he said my blood pressure was high.
I explained that it was probably due to the fact that I’m over 40 and he had a box of rubber gloves on his desk….I’m not an idiot, I know what that means….

Well, after talking about my diet, which is actually pretty good, and my exercise level which is also better than average, he zeroed in on the fact that I may need to switch to decaf for a while. And here I sit… a recovering caffeineaholic. “Hi My name is Rich. I’m a caffeineaholic and I’ve been on decaf for 2 whole weeks”

You know what though, and in no way am I admitting he might be right, but it’s really not fun. I feel tired all the time, I’ve been a tad bit cranky (ok, so my wife may think I’ve understated that) and I have these headaches every day.
The question now is, this morning I had my follow up and the bp is right where it should be. So, was he right and it was the caffeine or was I right and have suffered this past week needlessly?
The next question is, now that I’m past the worst of the withdrawls, do I continue on the straight and narrow or go right back to my addiction. Sneaking around, feeding the monkey on my back...bumming triple mochas, and hitting people up for spare change? "Hey buddy can you spare 4 bucks for an americano?

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