Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When the heck did this happen???

Last night I went down to UC Santa Cruz to see my daughter. I took her and a couple of her friends out to dinner and that’s when it finally dawned on me…. I’m getting old….

I’m not sure when it actually happened, in fact I'm pretty sure it’s one of those gradual things that you never really realize and don’t even notice until after it’s happened. (kinda like my hair loss and weight gain)

Now, I’ve always thought I was a pretty cool dad and that since we had kids when we were young that the wife and I would always be the hip parents that all the kids liked. And, actually, for the most part that’s true. But, last night I kept picking up subtle little signals that we’re not as young (or as hip) as I thought.

Granted, all the kids were very nice and very polite, but still the signs were there.
They used words and language I didn’t understand, they laughed at things that went right over my head, they even referred to me as “Mr Sims”….but that wasn’t the killing blow….the thing that did it is when some of them ordered beer with dinner…LEGALLY!!!
There’s no way I have a kid old enough that her and her friends can actually buy alcohol legally at a restaurant. It just can’t be...

Maybe I need a corvette….yeah, that’s it. They’ll never know how old I am if I have a corvette….

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