Friday, March 14, 2008

Another sign I’m getting old…

My youngest daughter has pretty varied tastes in music. Like her dad, she likes classic rock, but she also listens to some country, some modern rock, a little R&B (or whatever it’s called nowadays) and she even likes even some of the oldies. (although, the line between classic rock and oldies is becoming harder to discern)
Because of this, she always has music on her iPod that I’ve never heard before and some of it I actually like. I’ve been introduced to several bands that I never would have even thought to listen to and have added them to my iPod as well.

Herein lies the indicator of age. I was talking to someone at work the other day about music and mentioned a band called the Ataris and their remake of the Boys of Summer.
It’s actually a pretty good remake. The funny thing is one of the young ladies that works in the office overheard us talking and knew the song. What she didn’t know was that Atari used to be a really cool game console before Nintendo and X-box and that the Boys of Summer was actually a remake. The even crazier part is I owned and was playing on an Atari before she was even born…

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