Friday, March 7, 2008

Tomorrow we ride....

It’s Friday, the day before the first century of the year. Last year by this time I was averaging about 200 miles a week on the bike with at least one ride of 80+ under my belt.
This year, I’ve been averaging about 75 miles a week with my longest ride being 46…this is gonna hurt…

I spent last night getting the bike cleaned and prepped. I ordered new tires as I do at the beginning of every season. The tires came on Tuesday so I put them in the garage to install last night. Only problem is when I went to put them on, one was a 700x23 and one was a 650x23!!!! I know, I know, I shouldn’t wait till the night before I leave to do this stuff, I should have checked as soon as the order was delivered, I should have just gone to the bike shop and bought the dang things…..oh well, I didn’t and now I’m stuck with one new tire and one old tire….I’m sure it will all be fine, but you can bet I’ll be thinking about it the entire ride. At least until the pain from lack of training starts to dominate my thoughts.

The weather this year is supposed to be perfect so I’ll just take it easy, make sure I hit every rest stop, and enjoy the views. Last year, I was wishing I had taken more pictures, so this year, that’s going to be my excuse. Every time I need a rest, I’ll just pull out the camera and when people ask if I’m ok, lying on my back on the side of the road, I’ll tell them I’m just getting some “artistic” angles for my pictures

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