Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love daylight savings time….

Well, other than the first Sunday where it feels like you give up way more than an hour of sleep. I know, you’re saying “well just go to bed earlier”. I can’t. I take enough ribbing from my family for heading for bed at 8:30 in the evening as it is.
I can’t help it. I’m old and tired and I get up early….and 8:30 is a perfectly acceptable bedtime

So, back to my point. I love the extra hour of daylight. Combine that with the longer days and soon we’ll be able to ride until after 8pm.
It really adds a whole new dimension to our rides (and after-ride festivities). We no longer have to try to rush out of work so we can get a decent ride in before dark. Last night we started at 4:30ish and took our time and still had plenty of light to hang out and have a beer and chew the fat afterwards.
On the other hand, I guess now I have to come up with a new excuse for rushing out of work early


Anonymous said...

So, I'm just wondering two things:

1) What are you doing adding to your blog at 6:30a?
2) Why didn't you mention how well your good friend Greg rode his bike last night (finally!) You could have really ridden my >>> about that :-)

OldNSlo said...

yeah, I was going to talk about my friend Greg, but I was concerned he might not show up again for another 6 months if I did