Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Milestone reached....

Last night we had a big turnout for the weekly training ride. In addition to the regulars, we had a couple of surprise riders. One, whom after turning around part way out Cull Canyon a few weeks ago said… and I quote, “never again, I’ll stick to water aerobics”, another who after the recent “incident” vowed she’d be back, a third who every time I’ve broached the subject has said… “um, no thanks” in one of those tones that really means “you guys are nuts and I have no desire to go out there after work and suffer” and a new rider that has joined the team for the upcoming Tour de Cure

All in all we had 10 riders, a strong headwind and a great evening. 4 of those riders did a total of 10 miles which was actually tougher than it sounds since the first 5 were into the wind.

The second group did the full 20 which was a huge accomplishment for most of them. The route is a flat out and back so it’s a great training ride but last night’s wind added a whole new dimension.
As a matter of fact, the headwind the last 3 miles to the bay made it so if you stopped pedaling you stopped moving and took us longer than I had planned. We actually ended up doing the last couple of miles back to the truck in the dark.

All in all a great evening, a nice ride and the quote of the day...."this gel pad thingy on the seat don't work for S*%#"

ps - everyone says I'm never in any of the pictures since I always have the camera and tha's not true - you can see me in the bottom of the first picture holding the camera

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